Pink Sugar Crystals is a home-based crafting business that specializes in bling.

Everything is handmade with love♥


How do I order a personalized Custom Design?

All custom orders are required to have 50% of the deposit due at time of design. Then the other half will be due at time of shipment.

More flexible payments can be arranged upon request. Each product listing contains various instructions within the item description.

A blinged out custom cell phone case or sew-on crystal bangle are big ticket items so rest assured, we will always be in constant communication to ensure the custom product you want is what you receive.

Items that are described as CUSTOM (i.e Custom Sport Case) are not actually in stock and ready to ship. we do ensure that all materials needed for custom orders, if advertised as available, are in stock.

Reserve listings are products that are posted within the shop area, for a specific customer, and can be found at the bottom of the Shop page under all other product categories. Listing will have a first name and last initial in the product description. Custom item can then be purchased through the online shopping cart. Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE.


How long does a design take?

Depending on your custom design, the length of time to complete your item will vary. Most products take 2-5 weeks. When setting up a reserve listing for a custom order, a time-frame can be worked out to meet your expectations. If you have an upcoming special event, be sure to notify me, and a rush can be placed on the order.


I love the designs in your gallery, but can I order something different?

Yes. Christina is always ready for a challenge and loves to create unique, personalized items. Feel free to contact her with any ideas and we can brainstorm together.


How do I send you a custom design idea?

Send an email to christina@pinksugarcrystals.com or use the online form under the Contact area. Provide your information and she will get right back to you.


Do you guarantee your work?

Christina stands 100% behind her work. If an item is need of repairs, she will do her best to fix it free of charge. A small charge may be required, if an item has taken heavy damage from a fall, or from being dropped. All custom orders are again non-refundable or returnable.


Will I have any problems with loosing my crystals?

No. Crystals should not become loose as the glue used is industrial strength and very strong! We do recommend that all pieces be handled with care. Cell phone cases should be stored in a soft pouch rather than thrown in a purse. Exposure to extreme heat or cleaning solvents is not recommended.

Products should be cleaned with a soft cloth. A damp cloth with a drop of mild dishwashing soap can be used for very dirty crystals.

Products over $50.00 have a 1 year Guarantee in regards to lost or missing crystals.


Do you take international orders?

Yes. International orders are placed the same way as domestic orders. Just be sure to select the international shipping options. Packages shipped overseas do take 3-7 weeks for delivery. Insurance is recommended. Please note that insurance may substantially increase the total cost of shipping, depending on your country's laws, as pertains to customs and import taxes.


What can I do if I prefer to pay with Paypal?

Feel free to email Christina anytime with your questions or order and a PayPal invoice can be sent to your account. Christina's email address is christina@pinksugarcrystals.com.


Where do I report website problems and issues?

To report any technical issues or errors with the website, send an email to support@pinksugarcrystals.com or use the feedback form under contact area.