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By Charissa Lauren of Pretty Living PR

If you are a Pretty Living fan, you know that we have a firm belief in the color pink. We have a love for all things feminine and beautiful. Our world is for the ones who seek pretty things! Our spotlight this week shines on a company solely dedicated to glitz and glamour. Owner Christina Bias has a love for anything that sparkles and in result she founded Pink Sugar Crystals to share her affair with bling!


PL: Why did you start Pink Sugar Crystals? What was the inspiration?
CB: An esthetician by trade, I’ve always had a love for fashion and beauty. Have all ways been artsy and crafty. When I became a stay at home mom, I thought of a way to raise my child and work from home. After designing my first cellular phone case I became addicted and Pink Sugar Crystals was born. Going strong for 3 years and I fall more and more in love everyday with what I do. My amazing customers keep my creativity going and I love them all.


PL: What kind of products are you currently bling-ing?
CB: There is no accessory or item that I wont try to adorn with crystals or charms. I am always open for a challenge.

PL: What is your fashion sense?
CB: I would say anything that is bright and vibrant.Ilove to find unique pieces that not everybody wears and of course throw some bling with it.  I always say “Always Shine & Sparkle”

PL: What stands out about your brand?
CB: That all my pieces are unique and if there’s something you have always dreamed of having. Let me know and I will try to create some magic.

PL: Do you have any advice for other women business owners?
CB: Follow your dreams and if you have a passion for something put your whole heart and soul into it

PL: What are your personal favorite designs?
CB: This ones hard to answer, I truly love everything. If I had to choose one product that I     love to wear, even when dressed down, is any of my Bangles. They Shine like no other accessory, and are such a unique pieces, that no other person has. To go off in a completely different direction, I would like to brainstorm with your readers and speak on being original and competition. All things fashion are often fiercly competitive. When approached by jewelry artists who are just starting out, I always try to make time and be helpful. Sometimes a person that I was working with ends up copying some of my designs. Although it may feel somewhat hurtful, I just keep focusing on my business and work to make quality designs that are all “signature” pieces.
PL: What is the customer favorite?
CB: I would say my Custom Initial Phone Cases and the Crystal Sew On Bangles.


PL: How do you live life pretty?
CB: After much thought, I have decided this is a very personal question. Do I say that I use facial cleaners nightly, try to get as much sleep as possible, and give shopping tips? Or do I recommend recording ALOT of reality shows about design or fashion, then play them all as background noise, while doing work on the computer? Well I do have a small motto that I have strongly believed in since High School…. Keep switching it up. Always try to keep things fresh. Try new recipes, eat at different diners and restaurants, drive different streets to the same destination, or shop at the various downtowns of suburbs and surrouding towns.

Thanks for listening and lets all inspire each other to live Pretty!

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