Pink Puppy Harness Crystals Wedding Dog Pearls Designer Pink Sugar Crystals


Pink Puppy Harness Crystals Wedding Dog Pearls Designer Pink Sugar Crystals


By popular request I am making 100% Authentic Crystals From Austria Dog Collars & Leash & Harness available for order-- these photos are examples of items I have recently made

I can make an item for any type of adorable animal you have.
You can also request if you have a favorite color or design.. I also design collars with completely covered crystals. Other then that, they are just a product of my love & imagination :)

These items are completely covered with 100% Authentic Crystals & Deco when possible I make them with a special glue that has some flexibility to it and does not dry brittle so they are surprisingly durable.

Your item will come specially wrapped for your couture Pup

If you would like something else decorated-- just send me a message here on website. If for some reason the item will be more money we will agree to the price and I can add an extra reserve listing for you before I send out product. (if you have any questions feel free to contact me)

For Custom Order:
1. Please decides on design and provides information of the size of the animals collar or harness size
2. . A PayPal invoice will be sent as soon as we agree on a special design. We won’t start to work on the order until deposit is received.
3. It usually takes up to 1 weeks for me to finish the bling and be ready to be shipped out. I always keep in contact to update you with your design:-)
4. The buyer will then have a reserved listing with there name and then please take care the rest of the balance via PayPal or credit card by then.
5. Package with extra crystals will be sent once the payment is made and a tracking number.
6. There are no returns on custom made items.


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